Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shots 2-4

Hello everyone..Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Its been about two weeks and in those two weeks i've been working on trying to push poses and push my shot into splined and work on the dialog. So far I'm pretty far with shots 2-4 and this week is going to be all about cleaning up those shots and finishing shot 1! Here is what i have so far...

We also had a few theme drawings. Here is my hybrid.. Its a kangabat, which is a hybrid of a kangaroo rat and a bat!


and here is mythical creatures in a mundane setting. Its yeti's making a turkey dinner.


Enjoy your week everyone and happy animating!

Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Character Dialog Shot

The past two weeks have been pretty exciting because I've just started my 2 character dialog shot. The sound clip I ended up picking is from Bruce Almighty and it's a more serious piece which is something I havent done yet and thought would be a great challenge. I started off the piece by acting out my scene with another person and recording it for reference. From that I took the parts that I liked and made them into thumbnails on an x-sheet (I know old Last week I was just focusing on the layout in 3d and this week was all about the first pass of blocking. Not looking at it for a full 24 hours, I was really able to see some things that I'm going to change and fix before I put in more keyframes, like when he takes off his hat. I'm going to make that more subtle and not have him slam it down. A huge thanks to everyone who made comments and suggestions. Here is my piece so far...

This last week we also had to do another facial pose here is mine.


and here is week 5s theme: The Pet of Horror. Its my character Rocko teh Red Panda and he's trying to eat Spike from AM.


Have a fantastic week everyone!!