Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This weeks lecture was all about eye blinks with the awesome Jason Ryan as our guest speaker. He showed us a tone of ways on how to do eye blinks and when to use them. We also learned how different blinks show different emotions. After watching the lecture I got a critique from my mentor and applied what he said to the next stage of my blocking. This blocking has a few more frames and basic mouth movements (we only have the rig without facial features this term). Here is the second blocking pass of Museum.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Its been a couple of long crazy weeks since the last blog. I just got back from Siggraph in L.A and it was great. A big congrats to the winners of fjorg.. Awesome job.. Before I was of to Siggraph I finished up my pantomime piece, with the final cirtique on that. Here is the final rendered version..

height="361" width="448">

The follow weeks were the beginning of our dialogue piece. This piece had to be longer than 5 seconds but shorter than 10 seconds. The dialogue that I chose was from Night at the Museum. I started of by watching the weeks lecture by Delio Tramontozzi (ILM).He did a 2 part lecture on dialogue, that was awesome. After the lecture it was planning time. I took my sound clip and played it a billion times in order to remember it and then brought out the old digital camera for some reference footage.. From that footage I made an x sheet and some thumbnails. Here is what the first page of planning looks like.


Finally, its time for maya. At the end of this week this is what I have for the first pass of blocking..

height="361" width="448">

Now, its time to enjoy the rest of the night and start on my second blocking pass tomorrow.