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Over the past couple of weeks, weve had to come up with stories for our short films. The two that it came down to for me was one story about a father and son called ICE. and the other was a story of a little girl who creates an Origami world out of her imagination. I decided that for this short, I'm going to go with ICE. But Origami will be my next short. I feel that there is a lot to learn from the ICE story and I can take what I learn from it and apply it to future animations, like Origami.Here is the story of ICE.

A father and son are about to go onto the ice. The son is over excited and goes running onto the ice, even though the dad symbols to him to wait. The kid goes on the ice and bam.. Falls.. so he tries to get up but keeps stumbling over himself and falls. So he becomes so frustrated he throws himself down on to the ice and pouts. The dad skates over to him to try and pick him up and the kid refuses and just becomes dead weight. The dad is upset and doesn’t know what to do. But then he gets an idea. So he purposely looses his balance and falls on his butt. Makes pretend that he just got hurt (the kid chuckles for a second), then the dad gets up, brushes himself off and it like “ta da, I got back up” So he starts to do a little skating move and he actually does fall, right on his back. The dad is staring up at the sky and then we see the son waddling his way over to the dad. Now, the kid is helping the dad up. It ends with the two of them skating (well the kids more waddling and trying to keep balance).

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